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Hurricane Dean (or: when going to school was easy)

Ok so, I am responsible for what I asked: I wanted a week more before re-entering school, but I guess I failed in asking EXACTLY what I wanted XD as there's this hurricane "Dean" around...

It's like the Room of Requirement, you are supposed (in order to get exactly what you want) to ask for specific things. Ha ha, God's gotten it wrong.

I didn't ask for a hurricane to enter Xalapa (the city where I live, near the Gulf of Mexico, in the state of Veracruz *shows you a map of the Mexican Republic*)... I just wanted a little more of free time to spend with my beloved li_akari! and rol a little. But it appears that I asked it the wrong way or I was lack of something.

Ok enough stupidity for now (FOR NOW, only)... here's the thing: today a low-category hurricane (which doesn't mean it's not dangerous at all because it'll recover strenght in the next few hours) is entering my state. Most precisely, we've got the worst part of it since it's entering right from the coast, from which we're not so far (about an hour and a half, only). The winds right now are gaining strenght, which means the hurricane is close by, and we'll have a bad, bad time.

Of course, I live in the mountainous zone, which means I'm not getting the hit of the hurricane so directly as those in the coasts but, let's be honest, just a few minutes ago, I heard the hurricane is ACTUALLY re-entering the country straight through us, which is kind of weird for me... I mean, it'll hit certain points of the state, included us in Xalapa... but I thought it'd just vanish after touching coast, but apparently is not going to be that "easy".

Just a minutes ago, also, a friend of my school (the one who I "fight" with for the 1st career place always HAHA) sent me an SMS telling me that, because of the danger and/or whatsoever, we're going to suspend lessons until Monday morning, which is kind of good in both senses: I won't have to go to school AND we'll keep ourselves safe at home. But that kind of scares me a bit... it's going to hit my city (it's now hitting it, actually, it's been two hours since the North wind -whatever you call it like- started getting stronger and stronger).

Anyway, I think I'll just keep locked myself at home, and expect nothing bad happens in my state (hmmm I've got to lock up my dogs also, damn poor little things, they'd fly if I don't do it XD).
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BUAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA NOOOOOOOOOOOOO como te dije, me recordó cuando pedí que volviera la música a latina a estar de moda entre los que hablan inglés pero no especifiqué y me dieron reggaeton XDDDD

Amárrate bien a la cama T___T (tu marido te puede ayudar HAHAHAHA ok ya) pero no manches, espero que disminuya apenas toque tierra pero tampoco que digan "yey ya vuelve a la escuela" qué chafez :/ la escuela mata!!! ok no...

-no entiende lo que postea- *-*
ANTHYYYYYYYY BITCCCCCHHH XO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
-hugea- º.º... aquí tb nos cayó el huracán,
pero como soy superpoderosa sigo viva *u*~~