Jung Ree (paddie) wrote,
Jung Ree

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: SPOILER UNFREE

Now, since I like writing in English a lot (HAHAHAH ok anyway), this post is entirely in that language. Don't complain, I hate complaints XD

Anyway, it's divided into 5 pages... err... scanned pages so I don't think you'll be able to read it just fine since my writing isn't clear most of the time.

But SPOILERS come in these pages, so it's up to you if you want to give it a try.

You've been warned.


BTW I lied, I didn't transcript these pages, I'm too lazy to do that XD
Tags: harry potter, hp&dh, personal
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... TEDDY SNOGGIN' VIC IS BAAAAAAAAD D:! That's why I like the "because I want to be family" explanation XDDD

YES... YESS...

I can't add more... Is... well... overrated XD because you know everything. The Forest Again will be my fave chapter T___T with the PoA one... and yeah XD
This was the most gay HP book ever XD and I said gay because there was a lot of gay situations... DUMBLEDORE/GRINDELWALD! hahahaha okay enough...

Aww your hand writting is cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeee mine is always "omg I can't write, I'm lazy, my hand hurts, bleeeh!" XD


Y luego que lo creían vampiro, salió peor XD
HAHAHA YOU ACTUALLY READ MY WRITING, ARE YOU MENTAL? XDD I didn't think you were ACTUALLY going to understand it, I was on bed deciding what to write since I wanted a very short writing, because with you I'll share everything now that I'm relieved 'cuz I finally cried and I don't feel that urge anymore. At least not in the way I did, I can now talk about the book freely and if I start crying, it'd be something light ;) so ya know.

HAHAHA YEAH, THIS IS THE MOST GAY BOOK OF ALL 7 XDDD And I soooooooo fucking (literaly) love it! Dumbly/Grindel For the win! XD

My handwriting... hahaha people often tell me that they don't understand, so I suppose it's because I'm a superior intelligence and only you can understand me HAHA XD. Well... my mom understands it, but not when I write like this! *points sheets* I was so lazy that I didn't think of writing it properly, I even let the mistakes and striked some! XDD hahah luv ya, your writing is the coolest I've ever seen XD really *-+

Ah yeh, I forgot. I'm angry because my mom'll be popping in any minute and she'll not leave buaa so she'll be bothering me for the rest of the afternoon T_T bua
That sucks, dude D: